A new Scarcity Mining and Staking DeFi paradigm for Viral adoption on Binance Smart Chain

Algorithmic Coins

Viralic Protocol smart contracts define incentives to Viral adoption and value increase by digital scarcity.


A BEP20 token minable by "Proof of Virality" (referral codes spreading), so contributing to adoption of the protocol.


A progressive scarcity BEP20 token minable by investing VIC in prize decreasing lottery mining, so simulating "Proof of Work" mining.

Decentralized Protocol

Token and Minter Smart Contracts ensure Decentralization. DAO contracts for Admin Oracles will be released after launch.

NO Premine

Dev Team is only an early adopter, no VIP premine will be done. All adopters have 0 VIP at start.

Open Sourced
Public Audit

Smart Contracts will be released as Open Source on Github for everyone Audit. Official Security Audits will be considered after launch.

Super Powered DeFi

Viralic Protocol implements brand new smart contract algorithms and will give engrowing value to the community.

VIC Referral Mining

New referrals generated with a valid referrer code let you win VIC tokens.

VIP Mining (Solo/Pool)

Investing and eventually pooling VIC tokens gives you chance to win valuable VIP prizes.

VIP Staking

VIP staking let you farm VIC tokens at exponential speed.

Viralic Protocol Contracts

A brief introduction.

A BEP20 smart contract token representing coins mined with "Proof of Virality" algorithm. Every VIC represents a single ticket spendable for VIP Lottery Mining.

A BEP20 smart contract token representing coins mined with daily Lottery Mining Sessions, simulating "Proof of Work" algorithm.

The smart contract with minting rights towards VIC tokens. Every time a new referral code is generated on a new account, a code from a referrer can be specified. If the referral chain is validated from the Antifraud system a prize in VIC token is assigned to the new user and the owner of the referrer code. The referrer (the owner of a referral code) can spread its own code on social networks, ecc. to attract new users, so gaining a prize in VIC tokens for every user that generates a new code using that referrer code.

The smart contract with minting rights towards VIC Tokens. Every 24 hours (1 epoch) a new mining session can be started. In the meantime investors can invest their VIC tokens to partecipate in VIP prize rewarding random lottery. The entire community is allowed to compete for sending the final session mining transaction (when available), that rewards the caller with a VIC prize (the minimum in the prize plan).

An Oracle smart contract that interacts with VIP Minter.
Randomizer Oracle manage secure random number generation for Lottery based VIP tokens mining. The entire community is allowed to compete for sending the random number generation transaction (available after the launch of the mining start transaction), that rewards the caller.

And Oracle smart contract that interacts with VIC Minter.
Antifraud Oracle has rights to accept/reject queued requests for referral anti-fraud validation.
Only accounts authorized from the community will be allowed to process antifraud requests. Allowed senders can compete for sending antifraud validation transaction, that rewards the caller.

Viralic Protocol

Super Powered DeFi